quite becoming

i’ve become convinced
there is no such state as pure existence.
the perfect status quo – idem ad infinitum.

for you see,
we are but creatures subject to perpetual change.
if we are not progressing, we are regressing.
stagnation giving way to entropy.

in this, i find a source of great injustice.
for when i look into the eyes of my brothers,
i see not the magnitude nor direction of their changes,
but mere *snapshots* of their present conditions.
seemingly apparent are their positions on the mountaintop,
but remaining hidden, the heights they have overcome and,
more importantly, their respective wills to reach the summit.

it is a regrettable facet of the human condition,
that of time,
we can only ever glimpse
static cross-sections of a dynamic continuum.

so might i propose
that of ourselves and of each other,
we all take heed:
mark not the men we are,
but the men we are becoming.