there was an earthquake the other day.


in the wee hours of the morning,
i was awakened by a reminder
of my terribly terrestrial condition.

i wasn’t prepared for this –
this unpredictable breed of natural disaster.
back home in ohio, we drilled for tornados.
terrors from the sky, not below our feet.

and yet, the way the earth rolled,
i couldn’t help but feel as though
the maker himself
were gently rocking this earthly cradle
back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.


i closed my eyes and
       drifted peacefully
back to sleep.

Export MySQL Query Results to CSV

If you’re SSH’d into a MySQL server and want to export MySQL query results to CSV (readable by Excel), simply add the below snippet to the end of your query.

Note that '/tmp/results.csv' in the code above should correspond to a writeable destination, and the file can’t already exist.

How Long Is This Essay Supposed to Be?

A short essay I typed up during my senior year of high school for an A.P. Language course. The assignment required a personal narrative from my past.

Perhaps I am not well suited for A.P. Language.

I questioned the validity of that statement as I sat staring blankly at my empty word document.

Mr. Silvidi had assigned another essay, making the running total two papers within the first three weeks of school. It was definitely a rate I hoped would not endure. Feeling the weight of the assignment like a ten ton writer’s block, I attempted to dream up a legitimate topic on which I could elaborate sufficiently enough to create an essay. A personal narrative was this week’s poison of choice for the professor, and I hoped my lack of storytelling skills verbally would not transfer over to paper.