we buried the others’ words
within our souls.
and like seeds they sprouted
saplings of who we would become.

what’s in a dream

we met in my dreams the other night
long after the last time we spoke.
you were a young girl, and
it was years before we were to meet.

it was strange, but i got to tell you
everything that you deserved to know.
how despite the feelings
i had for you died with a whimper,
i don’t regret a moment of what i felt.

and that you set a high bar
for everyone who came after.


It’s not with incessant frequency
that her fragrance fills my senses.

In truth, sometimes many months may pass,
during which the vicissitudes of this corporeal form
call into question the value of such receptors.

Memory quickly fades.

But then, when it is least expected,
she trickles back into my consciousness.
Making all other highs feel like
…ersatz wonders.

In spite of it all, and
yet because of it all
I am found wanting.