heart strings

the strings of this heart,
once tied tightly in earnest
– quivering at mere whispers –
have since loosened in their resolve.

such supple sinews had hitherto stretched forth,
gayly greeting hands that might have played
implacably dulcet melodies.

if only practice made perfect.

how can it be
that after so few years
and even fewer loves
these strings have so frayed?


I cherished her,
not because
she could see past
                   my scars

…’twas rather in the way she minded them.

Le Cose Che Ti Dico

One of the songs I wrote for my final project for an Italian class.  The title translates to “The Things I Tell You” – the chorus (in English) goes “The things I tell you / are the true / when I look inside / I see opportunity / if you come with me / you will see the quality of life / it’s very beautiful”.

Lyrics after the jump.

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there’s the rub

do not ever consider yourself
superior to another –
more noble or more worthy
in any regard.

instead, focus on becoming as such.
when you have at last succeeded,
you will no longer want to think it.

A.P. Language Ambigram

My senior year of high school, I got really into ambigrams and I would sketch them during classes. I loved the creativity required to make something read legibly both right-side-up and up-side-down. Though I’ve lost most of them, I found the below sketch years later and thought I’d scan it for posterity.