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“Why the shoelaces?”

The question had emanated unexpectedly from the slight, dark-skinned woman working the register at CVS. I stopped fumbling with my wallet long enough to glance upward and meet a pair of striking, hazel eyes, which abruptly broke contact with mine before wandering for a few long seconds, settling finally upon the crest of my right shoulder. I checked to see if I had missed a stain.

“I’m hoping to make a noose, actually,” I replied. “You wouldn’t happen to know how to tie a hangman’s knot, would you?”

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a drunken conversation

A: Can I air another grievance? This one’s more general. I need a woman.

E: What kind of woman do you want? Is that chocolate?

A: No, this is a cap. Do you want chocolate?

E: Why.. do you have chocolate?

A: Maybe. I’m attracted to..

E: You’re taking too long. You should find blonde girls attractive.


koi no yokan
from the moment that we met
i knew this would hurt

daddy longlegs

it was a wednesday.

and i know that it was a wednesday
not because i recall it being a wednesday,
but because wednesdays were the days
we reserved for ourselves.

and this day -
well it was ours.

we lay in a tent beneath the sky
embracing our temporary, myopic world
when you spotted a daddy longlegs
sauntering slowly by.

i will admit, now,
that my first reaction was recoil.
had always given me the heeby-jeebies.

but it was a wednesday
and that meant something.