a thursday night ponderance


are we
but figments of time and space?
filaments through which unarticulated energy


may spark.


and give rise to…

a fleeting existence (purpose, really?)

is this humanity comprised merely of a loose affiliation of atoms
outnumbered even by the microscopic stuff, found
both on and within these corporeal forms?

if i am more not matter than matter
do i still matter?

Beautiful is the Night


it is twilight.

as the sun retreats beyond the horizon
a permeating darkness fills the air
conjoining us and the stars.




seconds fall, each with the deliberation
of a thousand years.
my eyelids follow suit.

and i, in that heartbeat
without intending it
nor fully comprehending how
encounter peace in its most rarefied form.

beautiful is the night
in which you and i, two adventurers we
marry the earth in slumber.

You Will Know My Love


grant that i may tarry awhile in this.
for though my tongue and neither my heart
possess the faculty upon which to base such lofty verse
i do find truth.

you will know
my love, not by the dexterity
with which I assemble
the words that impart to you how I do.
but by the lack thereof.
by the moments
in which justice falls without my reach,
moments attributed not to any
deficiency of passion
but to the sheer magnitude of this

yet –
i do not relegate myself to reciting
greeting. card. fodder.

but with dogged determination, continue.
my wayward journey to your heart.

though I will try, I will fail.
though I will fail, I am compelled.

and you will know my love, verily,
as it reveals to you its oblique nature
in ample words undeserving of your perfection.

The Way I Remember You

This is a song I wrote during the summer of 2013.  As with most of my songs, I was just messing around on my guitar when I came across a catchy little riff (which is played at the beginning).  I kept playing it over and over again and I realized that as I was doing so, I felt a mixture of wistfulness and nostalgia creeping over me.

Though it’s full of references to personal memories and experiences, I think the song ended up being about something that most folks can relate to.  It’s about the power of memories, and more specifically, the way that an experience is remembered, which both 1) doesn’t necessarily represent what actually happened, and 2) is really less in our control than we’re often inclined to think.  In that way, our memories have an incredibly powerful impact on our identities.

The last line of the chorus – “I cannot forget the way that I remember you.” – is a bit of an oxymoron.  It kind of goes by definition that if something is remembered it isn’t forgotten.  But I like the phrasing because the inclusion of the word cannot implies that an attempt has been made, yet has fallen short.  Some things just stay with us…

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The Things I Do

This song came along a couple years ago.  I was with this girl who just had me wrapped around her finger – and it was at once strangely disconcerting and wonderful, all at the same time.  I couldn’t stop thinking about her, and I couldn’t stop doing things for her.

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The Awful Truth

This song is kind of a bummer.  But don’t get me wrong – it’s still worth listening to.  😛

It’s just, the subject matter is a bit darker than my other songs.  This one’s about looking back at a relationship and realizing that we were just “two foolish fools”.  It’s not regretful, per say, but realistic and accepting of that reality.

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Here’s to Next Year

I wrote this song during the summer of 2009.  It had been a rough year so far, and I decided to take the summer and get as far away from my world as possible.

I ended up traveling through China teaching English, which was a wild experience.  The trip began in Beijing, where I haggled an acoustic guitar which accompanied me for most of the trip.  Due to some strange scheduling, I spent 11 quiet days alone in Shenyang, and the time alone ended up forcing me to face a lot of my internal issues, in a good way.  I wrote this song on my last day in Shenyang, and it’s sort of a measured, but optimistic tune.

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