By Your Side

wrote this one back in 2013. just getting around to recording some of these. some fun keys in this one. 🙂

Alien Sighting

Second track made using the Ableton Push.  Just having a bit of fun.  Best on headphones – still teaching myself to mix/master.

International Espionage

Picked up an Ableton Push a couple months back. Finally found some time to play around with it – here’s the first track.

Think it probably sounds best with headphones; I don’t know how to mix/master.

When I Die

This song is about the realization that the way you loved someone might have made you the best version of yourself that you could ever be, and also how when you die, you’ll want to leave this world as the best you ever were. So – even though that person might be gone from your life or things didn’t work out – when you die, you’ll try to think of the way you loved that person, because that love made you someone you’d be proud to be.

Lyrics after the jump.

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