You Will Know My Love


grant that i may tarry awhile in this.
for though my tongue and neither my heart
possess the faculty upon which to base such lofty verse
i do find truth.

you will know
my love, not by the dexterity
with which I assemble
the words that impart to you how I do.
but by the lack thereof.
by the moments
in which justice falls without my reach,
moments attributed not to any
deficiency of passion
but to the sheer magnitude of this

yet –
i do not relegate myself to reciting
greeting. card. fodder.

but with dogged determination, continue.
my wayward journey to your heart.

though I will try, I will fail.
though I will fail, I am compelled.

and you will know my love, verily,
as it reveals to you its oblique nature
in ample words undeserving of your perfection.


worn today worn. years ago
carried a tenor redolent of a younger me.
remnants of possessions,
placed unwittingly
into an indeterminate hibernation
by past hands. they wait for me.
in lined pockets.
they do not well perceive the caress of time.
as we do, us HUMANS who become
weathered with such unenviable ease.
insulated deep within,
they wait for my absent-minded reach.
patiently, for it may never come.