I must confess, I’ve never felt moved
to shout this love from the rooftops.
To demand the world take notice.
To let it reverberate in the ether.

Your love grows on my being
like a moss in the wood.
Quietly, do I stay my root
so as to know you more.

Role Models

Some of us are hoping to recreate
whatever it was that made us believe
our parents were meant to be.

Others of us have only learned
to recognize the warning signs
of conflicts which drove them apart.

Both are burdened by perspective –
one with great expectation,
the other with cynicism.

A Curious Nostalgia

I used to love imagining
what her smile might look like
with a few more wrinkles,
seen through eyes that didn’t bend light
quite like they used to.

And now,
strangely now,
I find myself unkempt with memories
of a future that will never come to pass.


When will you learn that it’s possible
to put too much faith in your struggle?

What happened, that made pain the only thing
that the lungs of your soul recognize as air?

You can swim all day against the current
and still find yourself no closer to shore.

the walls of this humble home
held so much more than just a roof.

After 40 Years

When manna refuses to fall from heaven
we may find ourselves left with no other option
but to wring it from the earth below our feet.


I’ve come to realize
that maybe I won’t ever understand
all the reasons why you did
what you did.

But I’ve also grown to realize
that maybe that’s ok.

how could i forget

we lay together, composed between foreplay and sobriety.
bodies resting peacefully against the other’s grooves.

my arms draped heavily over hers in a steady embrace,
as our legs intertwined in effortless coordination.

she pulls my fingers close,
and her lips gently caress the crook of my thumb.

we dance a still and silent, horizontal bolero.