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  • Insta-photo: #

    Spotted in Casablanca.

  • Insta-photo: #

    Latest piece out the kiln. Quarter for size reference.

  • Insta-photo: #

    New wheels.

  • Marksmanship

    MarksmanshipTake care, take aimTake all the very manyThings about youThat I adore. Impressing them into your service,Load them into a rifleAnd aim it at my...

  • germination

    we buried the others’ wordswithin our souls.and like seeds they sproutedsaplings of who we would become.

  • try as i might

    i’ve forgotten you in all the ways i know how;except the ones that matter.

  • what’s in a dream

    we met in my dreams the other nightlong after the last time we were a young girl, and it was years before we were to was strange, but i g...

  • Blitz

    It’s not with incessant frequencythat her fragrance fills my senses.In truth, sometimes many months may pass,during which the vicissitudes of this co...

  • Promises

    to the woman who taught me unconditional love,despite our best intentions –there was a moment.before i gave myself up to you,when i released the mortal c...

  • Reckoning

    Occasionally, I am reminded ofthe anachrony of inspiration.The vaguely humorous plight ofnever knowing what will move meand when.I recall lovers out of ord...