When in Rome…

I spent four lovely days in Rome during the summer of 2008, on world tour with the Dins.  Amidst wayward sight-seeing adventures and raucous nights out, we sang a series of energy-filled concerts (including a particularly memorable event at the US Consul General’s pad).  I took this photo from the back of a taxi en route to the Trevi Fountain, and I felt it encapsulated in a strange way my time in Roma.


Choshi, Japan

This is an edited photo taken in Choshi, Japan, in a small hotel room.  I was traveling during the summer on tour with my singing group, and we stopped in this charming city for a series of concerts.  The hotel was quaint, with simple mats for beds (and a surprisingly well-stocked mini bar).  In the mornings we were served rice and fish, and we frequented the adjoining hot rock sauna.  All in all, a memorable time.


The Mightiest Tree

In the summer of 2008, I was traveling through India, where I took a picture of the roots of this massive tree.  I had some fun in Photoshop and inserted one of my favorite quotes.


“The Economist” Cover

This past Thursday, I did a quick 2-hour design job at Harvard Business School for a conference they were holding on Integrated Reporting.  Basically, the participants (comprised of leading business professionals from around the world) were split into groups and asked to design a cover for The Economist magazine that might run in ten years about the progress that the business world had made in Integrated Reporting.  I worked with a group of industry leaders to craft a cohesive design plan and then proceeded to generate the final product in Photoshop.  The designs will be published in an ebook about the workshop to be released in mid-November.