My name is Ruan Lingyu, and I was a popular 1930's Chinese silent film actress. Though I am no longer alive, stored here are many pages with information about my life. It is so important to me that this website exists as a conduit through which my fans can learn my story - straight from the source. Unlike "information" from the tabloids and the press, I have complete control over what you see here, and contained in this website are no rumors, only facts - no gossip, only the truth.

To all my wonderful fans, thank you for your support. Being an actress was never easy, and I honestly don't know if I would have fallen into the same career had certain circumstances of my life been different. Nevertheless, acting was very fulfilling for me, especially in an era in which so few women acted that men often played female roles. I was given the rare opportunity to be a voice for strong women, and I tried to take every advantage of my new position. These opportunities, of course, would not have been available to me without the support of my directors who envisioned and captured stories that depicted women in a new light, in a new definition of womanhood. Though the struggle for womanhood continued for many years after my death, I take solace in the part that I played at the beginning of this long battle.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find it both interesting and educational. Please use the links located on the right bar to navigate the site, and make yourself at home.